Considerations To Know About kolangal designs with dots

Instead of the usual approach to filling the colours within the semi-circles utilizing a tea filter ( the semi- circles or circles are drawn with a piece of chalk tied into a thread ) I have followed the strategy I typically stick to for filling colours with fingers.  The picture below demonstrates it.

Once more higher than this border attract eight additional floral patterns with a few petals.  Draw another simple solitary line rangoli border about this rangoli.

Throughout the flower use pink colour floral designs and also other motifs of your preference to find the final  graphic.    

A simple muggu with floral motifs along with other designs.  The result of filling up the rangoli style and design with (made use of) rangoli powder presents it a more interesting glance. 

The  rangoli below a simple lamp pattern.  A simple layout is drawn within the centre and at the edges diyas are drawn totally free hand.

In these rangoli designs  the colors I've utilized are suitable for celebrations of Independence Day or Republic Day. Any style and design can be drawn which border is often drawn close to it to signify the celebrations of both of these most vital days.

This is yet another stage from the basic rangoli and can also be utilised as a simple rangoli layout with straight traces parallel and intersecting.

This no cost hand rangoli  design and style higher than that is a mandala.  A rangoli is erased and the combination of all of the colors kind a purple hue. I have used  that to variety an annular pattern with some patterns on it designed with the index finger.

 The third step grows from the 2nd and is the case with most no cost hand designs it really is drawn spontaneously without Substantially preparation and so viewing the 3rd graphic and drawing it may be handy.     

This rangoli style  an exceptionally colourful and therefore attractive totally free hand layout that's been included for joyfully celebrated festivals like Navratri and Diwali.  It's a kolam layout with flowers as a concept and clearly flowers need to be incredibly colourful. Nevertheless I've taken the freedom of including distinct colors on the petals.  Within the picture, the central floral rangoli with pink and inexperienced petals is surrounded by A further flower with orange petals.

 It's very genuine in the situation of character. To attract this muggu to start with the central floral part really should be drawn with 4 petals then the look is expanded previously mentioned the petals with the pattern with curved lines.  The gaps among are stuffed with "sting rays".The flower the centre is stuffed with green colour.  An additional why not try these out sample in brown has actually been extra to every petal.  The outer sample is crammed with pink and blue traces to make it vibrant and appealing.  A simple rangoli.

 This is normally not found in nature but once we draw rangolis we needs to be presented the freedom of deviating with the norm.  A similar rangoli has white dots placed along the periphery of each and every layer of petals and also the outermost petals have white lines and dots put to present the look a completely distinct search.

 Last but not least enclose the design inside of a simple border with straight traces with some patterns extra on it.  Include colors  the petals along with other designs with colors of your respective option.  Fill the remaining gaps with rangoli powder. 

 The traces Consequently appear to be mid-ribs in the leaf ( botany ! ).  It is best to add some styles among the leaves to improve the rangoli.  So I have included some typical motifs that usually are used in no cost hand rangoli designs as proven in the 2nd A part of the Picture.

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